• RT @ungefiItert: Ich hasse die NSA. Alles mitlesen, nichts faven oder retweeten.
  • @KonsumSchutz Der Unterschied im Kundenservice Kunde vs Nicht-Kunde ist auch nicht besonders gross.
  • Dig: New (old) website. - http://t.co/owG1fDz61E
  • RT @chollybologna: @HobbyGameDev All of my projects so far have been too big for me to finish but it's how I've learned everything I know n…
  • RT @graymachine: Wow, this is heartbreaking. “@theretronaut: 1938: Disney Rejection Letter to a Woman http://t.co/p5TdgfBMet”
  • RT @fabianaiolfi: Wir spielen um 21:00 im Innenhof der Länggassstr 72 in Bern -- kommt vorbei! http://t.co/NPR3ReKTjq
  • RT @graymachine: Clap in your hands in the air! Clap in your hands in the air! You’ve got fruit flies.
  • RT @timleberecht: I no longer believe in progress: Economy class seating on a Pan Am 747 in the '60's. http://t.co/559kIqCGdl
  • RT @BoobsRadley: I thought I'd miss my twenties. Then I discovered my new favorite excuse, "Nope, sorry, I'm too thirty to do that."
  • RT @michaelbierut: The power of fashion: would you trust an airline pilot wearing shorts & a baseball cap? @PaulSmithDesign at #WhatDesignC…
  • RT @fabianaiolfi: Worlds collide http://t.co/iZuBBLNdHH
  • RT @ArtoftheTitle: Someone Has To Design All Those Video Game Menus And Computers http://t.co/1HSVFtEie7 #deusex #masseffect
  • RT @NASA: As seen on #Cosmos: Ocean currents - see the perpetual ocean as observed by NASA http://t.co/50f51AYFWH http://t.co/EAZIp4i7fU
  • RT @ChromadaData: It's like every radio station is playing a playlist of the top 100 worst songs ever made
  • RT @michaelbierut: The Horse and The Goat: a video interview with @MiltonGlaserInc by La Moutique http://t.co/s6QthjiWGR
  • New Reel. https://t.co/Vo35T3PDAO
  • a beauty http://t.co/CCKCmiUxlG
  • RT @day9tv: Interesting read - The guilt that millionaire indie game developers feel http://t.co/55fq2gZWfu
  • http://t.co/KTvUwLj64n